Relax at Ormiston House

Relax at Ormiston House

Have you taken any time out of a busy life, stop and smell the roses? Maybe we can help!

At Ormiston House you can put your feet up and read a book. In winter we will have the fires going in the Port o' Call and Dining Room so a cuppa or a glass of port will be just the ticket.

Especially if we add a slice of home made raspberry butter cake or a scrumptious muffin!

Catching up on some local history is easy at Ormiston House. You can visit our history room that also has a 'guest office' with internet access, phone and fax.

If that wasn't all at Ormiston House you can laze away any sun filled day on Ormiston Houses' widow's walk and from the turret on top of the house, watch the world go by with a perfect view of Macquarie Harbour.

Other relaxing pastimes include Ocean Beach, Hogarth Falls, Macquarie Heads and Tut's Whittle Wonders.

If you love relaxing and taking pictures, then we have a photographic landscape just waiting for you.